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Montana 211For the millions of Americans needing help every day – from locating financial assistance during a family crisis, to finding adequate care for an aging parent, to searching for the highest-quality child care – 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember number connecting them quickly to essential community resources.


Montana 2-1-1 working together to build an integrated, efficient, statewide system that provides 24 hour telephone and internet access for the residents of Montana linking them to health and human services.


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What is 2-1-1?

2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember, three digit dialing code for accessing health and human service community information and referral.


2-1-1 also offers social service providers help for their clients, and gives organizations who are dedicated to providing assistance a way to enhance their impact and maximize their resources.


2-1-1 provides information about referrals to human services for every day needs and in times of trouble. Some of the basic target groups 2-1-1 responds to are:


• Basic human needs
• Physical and mental health resources
• Employment support and assistance
• Support for older Americans and persons with disabilities
• Support for children, youth and families
• Volunteer opportunities and donations


What is Information and Referral?

Information and referral (I&R) gives people in need an easy to link to information about local resources. I&R is the link between all community resources and all residents. From the single mother needing food for her children to the senior citizen looking for in-home care, I&R brings people and services together.


The Value of 2-1-1

• Provides an easy, visible and non-judgmental entry point for people who are in need to turn outside their families for help.
• Increases efficiency be helping callers clearly define their needs and then pointing them to the best places to seek help
• Relieves some of the burden on service providers by reducing the number of call from people who are not eligible for their services or who are seeking services that they do not provide
• Provides a ready resource for service providers to use in referring their current clients to additional services.
• Creates new knowledge about needs and gaps in services that can help policy makers and resource allocators make better decision and more effectively plan for the future
• Provides a critical disaster and emergency information system for immediate response during times of crisis



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